About Us

Hi Everyone! ^-^


Welcome to CherryDollsBoutique’s Official Store ♡


In out Etsy Store you will find outfits and accessories I make for Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD)

such as; Smart Doll, Dollfie Dream, Fairyland, and more!

More About Me:

I am actually a single artist that makes all these clothes and accessories

When I say “About Us” It means; Myself, my dolls & my cat (who gives me comfort from time to time)



So... How did 'Cherry Dolls Boutique' start?



Well, I'm just a person who adores dressing up dolls ♡ It all started when I've encountered Ball Jointed Dolls when I was quite small, but only saw them in photos and didn't know what they were. It took me years and years to look for where/what they are. When I finally found them, I got my very first BJD doll in 2015.


I love dressing up dolls and making any kinds of stuff for them. From barbies, bratz, monster high, and now... finally, Ball Jointed Dolls ♡


I learnt how to sew by myself around 8 years old I think? So I am self-taught. I have always watched my mum sew other things. And whenever she was away for work, I would try her old sewing machine... lol thank God I didn't get hurt along my first few tries.

I moved to New Zealand from Philippines when I was 15. I learnt more techniques during high school ~ I was given the opportunity to choose sewing as one of my subjects ♡


I draw, I guess I'm an artist

I love doing any crafts ♡

I love my Family & God

I love my cats ♡

Most of all, I love my husband - who is kind, patient, and believes in me ♡

I was a hairdresser :D (thought I’d pop that in too hehehe…)


But now I'm looking forward to adding this creativity with BJD in my careers.


I hope you all enjoy what I do ^-^


I mostly upload things on my Instagram @cherrydollsboutique

There you will see most of my dolly creations!


Thank you for reading a little bit about myself and the store ^-^ ♡


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